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Vida Moda uses cookies to ensure that we can give you the best possible experience on our web site. If you continue to use our site without changing your cookies settings in your web browser we'll assume that you are happy to use Vida Moda with cookies enabled. We don't use many cookies and they don't store any personal information about you that anyone else can see. Read this page fully to understand what we use cookies for and how they help your experience on our Web Site.


Cookies have been a part of the internet for a long time. They are tiny files that live on your computer and help your web browser interact with the websites that you visit in order to give you the best and fastest user experience possible. That is what we use them for at Vida Moda as we are only interested in making sure we can give you the best service possible and we use as few cookies as possible.

So what is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computing device by the website you are visiting and only that website will then be able to read the contents of that cookie. Each Cookie you get will be unique to the web browser on your computing device. In the case of our web site (and most eCommerce web sites) it helps our site remember what is in your shopping basket when you move between pages. Each time you move to a new page on a shopping web site the website reloads in your browser and without a cookie your shopping basket would empty each time you moved to a different page on the same web site.

What type of Cookies does Vida Moda Use?

We use two types of cookies on Vida Moda.

1. Preferences Cookies

Vida Moda use cookies that store your preferences and they allow you you log back into the site if you set up an account and buy something from us, they allow you to check the progress of your order with us. They also remember the content of your shopping bag as you navigate from page to page on our site. These cookies are strictly necessary to allow the site to function and they are only stored on your computer to help your web browser give you the best user experience. All eCommerce sites work this way.

2. Performance Cookies

Vida Moda also uses cookies to help us understand how people use Vida Moda. If we are going to give you the best experience possible we need to understand how people move through our site. We use analytics tools to do this provided by Google. These tools do not record ANY personal information about you as an individual. They merely help us understand how many visitors we get on each page of the site and how they got there, i.e. via a search engine or a blog post. They us how long visitors spend on a page and what the popular pages are each day. They never give us any personal information about you, merely the journey you've taken through our site.

What about my payment information?

Vida Moda does NOT store your payment details. All payments are handled by two seperate secure payment services, we use paypal and SagePay. This means that everytime you buy somethign from us you'll have to re-enter your card details. That may be a little inconvenient and we apologise for that but we think it is the best way amd most secure way to handle payments.

Do you share the information from Cookies with 3rd parties?

Our information relationship is with you and you alone. We never sell or disclose any information we collect via cookies or any other method to any third party, although apparently the Goverment are allowed to ask us for information if they so choose.

Do you use cookies for anything else?

No, we keep it as simple as we can and don't believe in making things more complicated than they need to be.

Can I turn off cookies on my Computer?

Yes you can (inside the settings in your web Browser) but please bear in mind that our web site and many others will then not work properly for you. By and large you won't be able to buy anything via the internet if you turn cookies off.

Where can I get help to learn how to manage cookies in my Web Browser?

There are lots of sources of information on the internet to help you manage cookies. The help function in your web browser is the best place to start. You can simply Google the phrase "manage cookies" and take your pick from the results. You can visit the following web site for more information to help you manage cookies in your browser.

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