About Us

What is Vida Moda and what's our story?

Vida Moda was born out of my shopping frustrations and a dream that goes back a few years. I would go shopping looking for new clothes and I would often find something I loved and wanted to buy. More often than not the shop (and it didn't matter which one) would not have the item in my size or in the colour I desired. I dreamed of finding stylish clothes that looked good and were designed for larger women. Things haven't improved much over the years so with the help of my partner I finally decided to realise my dream and open a shop selling designer fashion for curvy women size 16 and upwards.

The dream has changed slightly in that we've decided to open the shop on the Internet instead of the High Street. It has been a big learning curve for us and a huge challenge but the dream is now real. Vida Moda is here to help women who want an opportunity to buy good quality, well designed clothes in larger sizes that fit properly and will make us look good and feel great. I hope you like the collections you see on Vida Moda and be assured I'm always looking for new collections from talented designers that we can add to Vida Moda.

So how are we different?

We're different because I understand the challenges of shopping for clothing for a curvy figure. I'm just like you. I pay attention to those details that make a difference for us larger women. I understand that not all of you want to show your upper arms, nor do you want to look like you are wearing a tent! It would be nice to be able to buy a belt that fitted and is appropriate for your figure whether you have a tummy or larger hips. You may wish to emphaise your bust or you may not. You might not like the shape of your thighs or lower legs. You'd like to be able to buy items in one place that complement each other without having to trek around lots of shops in vain!

I take all these little factors into account when choosing our collections. That might not seem important, but I think it is, it is very important to me as a shopper and I hope it is important to you. It is one of the reasons why we started Vida Moda, you can shop with us, confident in the knowledge that we are thinking about you, that you and I share the same challenges when buying clothes.

Do you want to look good in your clothes?

I want to look good and feel confident in my clothes, I want them to fit properly but I also want them to look beautiful so I've chosen to stock European brands that are niche but stylish, you won't find them in the high street stores that easily. They are special, a little exclusive and loved by people who know about them.  So I really hope you like what you see and when you shop with us I'll do my best to make sure we give you a quality product and customer service to remember. Treat yourself and try us out!

Get in touch with us!

If there is a label you'd like to see us stock, email and let us know. Or if you just want to say hello and tell us what you what you think about the site and what we are doing we'd love to hear from you! You can contact me in the following ways.

You can email me at the following address joanna@vidamoda.co.uk

You can chat with us on twitter @VidaModa or you can friend us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/VidaModa

We also run a blog where we comment on all sorts of things, read some of our posts and do comment! Please participate and share your thoughts and views, we do ask questions and questions always need answers and debate needs varying opinions!


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