December 14, 2013


Luxury Faux Fur and Sumptuous Knits New to Vida Moda this Season

14 December 2013

This Autumn/Winter we've included two new lines to our collections - Helen Moore and Saskia. We had the great pleasure to meet both these ladies at a trade show in August and are delighted to bring a selection of their high quality, stylish products to our Customers, whom I know appreciate quality and classic style.

Helen Moore

is a British family run business who make luxury faux fur products which are hand made to the highest standards. The furs are beautifully soft and silky to touch and very realistic. We have a selection of elegant, sophisticated hats in the ever popular Pill Box style and fabulous Boot Toppers and Cuffs. The Cuffs and Toppers are detachable with no sewing or fixing involved just softly elasticated to fit perfectly. The hats are gorgeously warm and fleece lined - perfect for the season. We also have the most luxurious, cosy Slipper Boots in a Honey/Mink faux fur which would make the perfect Christmas Gift!


is a British based Knits and Jersey wear company who produce beautiful, soft hand made knitwear in Cotton and Cashmere. The styling is classic and sophisticated with simple elegant lines and exquisite attention to trimmings and details. Included in this collection are some sumptuous Velvet Tunics and super soft light weight Woollen Tunics, Dresses and Jerseys. What's especially exciting for us is that Saskia offers styles and sizes suitable for the Curvy lady. The brown velvet dress is stunning and ideal for wearing on Christmas day, it’s perfect to show off any new jewellery that might come your way this Christmas! The blue vest and top combo is also beautiful and would be good for new years eve, again can be worn as a dress or tunic and is also a great backdrop to show off your jewellery.

I asked Saskia to produce her collection up to size 24 for us which she has done. It was fabulous to be able to discuss my needs as retailer and for her to be able to respond to them. I do hope you’ll enjoy these new collections and I’ll continue to look for wonderful collections that I can bring to Vida Moda to give us curvy ladies a different choice!

Best wishes for the festive season



We also have an extensive selection of Wraps and Hats in various styles and colours to suit everyone – they are ideal as Christmas Gifts. Friday 20th of December is our last day for orders intended to arrive before Christmas in the UK.


Vida Moda | Quality Plus Size Clothing For Women With Curves

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October 24, 2013


Spending a Day at Modelling School

23 October 2013

Last Saturday we attended a modelling workshop run by Sabine Gruchet who regularly models for Vida Moda. There is quite a demand for plus size models in the market now as more retailers are taking note that a good portion of the buying public are not actually skinny 16 year olds!

Plus Size Modelling

It’s not easy to find good plus size models, which in our world is size 16+. Sabine has set up a new business delivering modelling workshops called In Front of the Camera in which Sabine and her team aim to teach aspiring models the tradecraft of being a professional model. Best of all, from our perspective Sabine is specifically aiming to teach plus size models and we were very pleased to be able to provide a number of items of clothing for the first Workshop.

Modelling Workshop - Setting up a Shot

Setting up a shot. © All Rights Reserved by Sabine Gruchet

What kind of modelling?

All fun and glamour you might think? Yes the day was fun for the participants but obviously has a serious side to it. Most of the girls attending want to pursue a professional modelling career and Saturday not only provided them with instruction but also a realistic taste of what a modelling assignment is like.
It wasn’t runway modelling, which is different, the initial workshops that In Front of the Camera are delivering are all about photography, and specifically the kind of photography we as an online retail need for our online boutique.

Online fashion retail

The online retail business is very different to high street retail and in some respects is a lot like the catalogue industry. When we run a photo shoot we typically want to photograph a lot of garments as quickly as possible for economic reasons. However we want the best photographs we can get and that requires a combination of factors coming together to achieve the end result.

Professional modelling is hard work

Despite what people might think the modelling side of a shoot like this is very hard work. Hot lights, quick changes and repetitive hair and make-up adjustments and being on your feet most of the day make it hard work. Oh yes and the need to pose and smile somewhere between 350 and 500 times in a day and try and make each look like your best smile of the day. That’s quite a day’s work!

Professional Model Coaching

Sabine and her model coaching team are all professionals and have a vast array of knowledge to impart to new models so to have a modelling workshop available for plus size girls is amazing and we at Vida Moda are very pleased to be associated with it and to help promote it. There are no rules that say plus size girls can’t be great models, fashion modelling isn’t just for waif like pixies and it isn’t just for young models. Plus Size modelling does offer the opportunity for a wider age group which adds more variety and that works well for us as the age of our customers varies greatly.

If you think you can be a Plus Size Model...

In Sabine's experience a lot of models don't having any formal training and not been taught the basics of modelling. They learn on the job but end up with a limited series of poses that don't allow them to reach their potential. The coaching team running In front of the Camera's modelling workshops aim to teach the basic skills that all models need.

Who are the modelling workshops for?

The modelling workshops aren't just for aspiring models they are also for models who new pictures from a theme styled shoot or for those who wish to brush up on their skills. Plus -size modelling isn't any different from straight size modelling, you still need to be tall and in proportion with a good face, hair and teeth. You need to be very bubbly with a great personality and smile and have the ability to project this through the day on modelling assignments.

If you have aspirations to model, are plus size and would like to attend a workshop please contact Sabine at or visit the modelling workshop website at


Vida Moda | Quality Plus Size Clothing For Women With Curves

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August 14, 2013


Buying Trip for next years stock - my views and progress to date

14 August 2013

Trade show terror!

It’s that time of year again, when we venture out to the trade shows in search of stock for next summer. Last year was difficult as I’ve previously written. Invariably I find it disappointing and exciting to attend trade shows.


It’s exciting because I love seeing new trends and styles of garment that are popular and I love searching for those special items that I think our customers will like.

It’s usually disappointing because I’m always on the look out for new brands and labels to bring to Vida Moda. But I as wrote in a blog post last year it is ridiculously difficult to find brands that cater for plus sizes, many only go as far as an 18. Last year I really struggled to find good quality brands whose designs also cater for plus size women. It’s almost like larger women don’t exist or deserve to wear beautiful clothing.

Good Progress

This year I’m very pleased to report that my buying trip was a little different. In fact we’ve had to make some choices about what to leave out as our buying budget didn’t stretch to cover all the items I found!

New labels coming to Vida Moda

This is not a position I’ve been in before so it was much more positive. I’m very pleased to have found a number of new labels I’m delighted to bring to Vida Moda. We’ll also be re-stocking an existing label we’ve had before who have breathed new life into their design approach which has resulted in quite a refreshing collection for summer 2014.

So along with the new labels we are bringing you this Autumn we will also be adding another 2 or 3 for next summer. They are very different to each other and range from quite practical to casual and something a little more special!

New Accessories Collections

Faux Fur

In addition we will also be adding to our range of accessories this Autumn and we’ll be bringing a wonderful range of faux fur accessories which are designed and manufactured in England. I met the designer last weekend and she’s a wonderful lady with a great eye for detail and quality.


I’ve also found a brand of shapewear I like called Controlbody. They are Italian and have an excellent range of products that are very good quality with good explanations of how their different shapewear products provide support and smoothing! We’ll be starting off with a small selection of their range very shortly to see what you think of it. I’ve been on the lookout for good shapewear for quite a while so I really hope you like the choice I’ve made.

All in all I feel I've made good progress this trip and I'm really pleased about being able to expand the choices we can offer you!


Vida Moda | Quality Fashion For Women With Curves Size 14 to 28

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July 28, 2013


Vida Moda's New Online Boutique

We've been a little quiet lately because...

We’ve been busy moving Vida Moda to a new eCommerce platform. It’s quite a task to undertake and we’ve been very focused on doing this and here’s why...

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