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05 November 2013

Have you ever bought something you liked at first sight, only to find out that it doesn’t do your body justice when you try it on at home? Well, when it comes to picking garments that not only suit but enhance your figure, a sense of confidence is often acquired via a steep learning curve. It involves changing the way that you look at new clothes when you’re out shopping, which, in the long run, will benefit both your pocket and your appearance.

One of the most important parts of your outfit is perhaps also one of the most forgotten: the neckline. When it comes to choosing what neckline suits your figure, there are subtle choices that can have a profound impact on the way you look overall.

Fuller bust ladies

For those with a fuller bust, a sweetheart neckline is always a winner, as the slight dip towards the chest is flattering. The sweetheart neckline is an elegantly feminine and flirtatious option that allows you to celebrate the gorgeous figure you’ve been blessed with – don’t hide it away! Rather than concealing your curves, making the most out of your wardrobe may involve trying out a range of necklines to see how they impact your appearance. This Lime Wrap Dress by Chianti or Cowl neck jumper are two great items to check out.

Small chested ladies

The best option when it comes to making the most of a smaller bust is undoubtedly the V-neckline. Giving a hint of cleavage, a discreet V-neck will dramatically change your figure by drawing attention to your neck without showing too much. Our Russet Wrap Dress by Chianti has a great neckline and also flatters your figure.

Timeless necklines

Apart from the necklines that we've mentioned, there are some classic cuts that keep reappearing on catwalks every year. Such is their stylish appeal. Here’s a summary of the most appealing necklines for fashion designers worldwide:

An asymmetrical neckline works really well if you have a beautiful collarbone that you want to show off, as well as slender shoulders. It is really best to avoid this neckline if your shoulders are comparatively broad to the rest of your body, as it will not compliment your frame.

A boat neck is a further-off-the-shoulders, more curved neckline: a classy cut particularly suited for summer days, when you might want to combine it with a contrasting cardigan. Boat necks suit more pear shaped figures as they accentuate slender shoulders. Steer clear of them if you’re apple shaped, as they won’t sit well on you.

Turtlenecks are perfect if you have a short neck. Whilst keeping you warm, they give you a lovely, shapely and slender neck; creating the illusion that your neck is considerably longer than it actually is! On the flip side, they are not much help for ladies with long necks, as their necks can look larger, particularly if the turtleneck fails to cover the entirety of the neck. This last scenario can also be a little itchy. For warmth and a splash of colour, this bold Purple roll neck top will feel just right for the new season.

So, are you wearing the right neckline for your figure? Next time you're shopping, try on a few different styles and observe the aesthetic impact they produce.


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