Dressing for a fuller bust

22 October 2013

Finding clothes to cover and accentuate a large chest can be tricky, particularly because too low a cut will easily give everyone around you a sneak peek at the goods. Too high a cut, instead, is unflattering to say the least. When it comes to buying tops, blouses and T-shirts, there are a number of simple tricks to enhance your beautiful figure.

Making your upper body look more slender

First things first: try to steer clear of polo neck tops, as these will make your neck look short and also create the illusion that your chest is higher and wider than it actually is. By covering up or attempting to hide your chest size with a polo neck, you’re actually achieving the opposite effect. This can easily be avoided with an elegant scooped neck top, which will make your neck look longer and more slender, giving you a very flattering appearance. Add a necklace to your outfit and you’re sure to look gorgeous, with hardly any effort!

Printed patterns?

Dresses printed with busy or large patterns, particularly when these are above the waistline, can look a tad too fussy on ladies with a fuller bust. Fear not – this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to plain colours: clothes such as our gathered black dress, with discreet prints below the waistline and a hint of ruching, can make all the difference!

Get your D cups right!

Are you wearing the right size bra? Underwear must be considered carefully to achieve a clean look. Our bodies change all the time, from month to month and over the course of our lifetime. So it must be stressed that hanging on to that one old bra you just can't seem to throw out just isn't a good idea. Make sure to acknowledge and appreciate the changes in your figure, and provide your body with a comfortable, flattering set of underwear. Wearing the wrong type of bra – or one that you bought five years ago, for that matter – can sometimes look as if you have an odd-shaped chest. An ill-fitting bra can result in uncomfortable skin pinching and might overhang when fastened too tight. The majority of underwear stores on the high street can help to assess your size; it really is worth enduring those five minutes of shyness to avoid purchasing a bra that doesn't fit.

Some more tips…

Once your underwear is sorted and you feel gorgeous in your new bra (and perhaps some new matching knickers, too!), we recommend that you go for thick strapped vests such as this black vest top, which will make your bust look slimmer. As odd as it might sound, spaghetti straps really don’t flatter a bigger bust.

With all these tips, why not go back to your wardrobe and try on your old tops and dresses? See how different they look once you’ve bought a good bra - you might be pleasantly surprised. Go on, rock what you’ve been given!

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