Why you should buy your winter coat now

14 October 2013

With the recent turn in the October weather, it seems it's already time to put away our summer wardrobes and pack up those flip flops. So, it's an appropriate time to talk about winter coats, isn't it? Don’t fret just yet, take a moment to consider the options available before selecting the perfect winter coat for you!

Don't settle for less

Have you ever spent hours searching for the perfect winter coat, and after a hopeless hunt had to settle for one that wasn’t exactly what you were looking for? By starting your search now, you’re more than likely to find the perfect winter coat, whether it be floral, fluffy, furry, long or barber style. At Vida Moda, we know everyone has their own style and taste – that’s why our collection has something to satisfy every dream and whim.

Looking good is uplifting

Winter can be long and cold, but seeing how great you look in your new coat can put a much needed smile on your face. Since the clothing we wear makes a statement about us, it's important to choose something that really reflects our inner self, conveying confidence loud and clear. Going for a staple black such as our Black Cashmere Coat is a perfect choice that goes with colourful scarves, hats, gloves, handbags, and not to mention, it looks great with an elegant pair of stilettos.

It's funny how in the winter we often seem to meet all sorts of interesting people, whether during a cool walk in the park or at the local pub having some drinks after work. You never know when you might meet someone special, so it's important to look your best when those moments come!

Consider the cut

It is important to consider the cut of your coat according the particularities of your figure: if you’re of the smaller side, a bum skimming coat or mac can add inches to your figure, whereas a calf length can give the appearance you’re shorter than you actually are. Our 3/4 Length Boiled Wool Coat can be great for both casual and smart occasions. A belted coat can give a lovely waist shape and create all the right curves in the right places; it can also add a pop of colour if you decide to go for a bright tone. And why not add a faux flower to the collar, or even a sparkly brooch? A small change like this can brighten up an otherwise generic coat and make it the jewel of your wardrobe.

The clean and sharp look

Wearing a coat size that fits you will give you the clean and sharp look that you are looking for. At Vida Moda, we have extensive experience when it comes to fitting beautiful ladies with the right sized garments; so trust us when we tell you, trying to squeeze into a coat that's too small and struggling to button it up is not enjoyable in the least. When looking for a new coat, it's always good practice to wear a jumper that you’re likely to wear over the winter: if you can zip up the buttons of the new coat comfortably then it's a good indicator that you've picked the right size!

Buying your coat during October will not only save you time in the winter, but may also to save you some last minute pennies.

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