Preparing Vida Moda's Autumn & Winter Photo Shoot

17 Sept 2012

All Change!

It’s that wondrous time of year when the seasons change. Right now as I write this we are moving (gracefully one hopes!) from summer into Autumn. The evenings are getting shorter and the bright crisp sunlight of summer is giving way to the dappled shadows of Autumn. Those few early weeks of Autumn are one of my favourite times of year just before the chill arrives in the air and never leaves.

Fashion & Shifts In Seasons Trends

From a fashion perspective it’s all change too. Gone are bright colours and floaty happy fabrics of summer. Instead we are now contemplating the darker tones and richer fabrics of Autumn. Black, browns and greys are staples of Autumn collections each year. This year we do see more colour being mingled with the base colours.

As an online business, photography is key to our success. Photography is our shop window, you can’t touch our products, you can only see them and we need to make them as presentable as possible to enable you to make the right product choice for you.

Fashion photography surrounds us every day in all walks of life, billboards, bus shelters, television, magazines, newspapers and the internet, all these media vehicles carry tremendous amounts of photography. We take it for granted, never once giving a second thought to the effort that goes into creating images that range from simple to breathtaking.

The Challenge Of Fashion Photography

Taking good product photographs is not as easy as you might think, particularly for newer business who have to balance cash and effort, the start of the selling season and hopefully the timely delivery of stock!

We're currently planning our photography shoot for the designer plus size collections we are selling this Autumn and Winter. We’re thinking about combinations of garments and how they might look on the model. We’re working out a shooting schedule, logistically it is challenging as getting the order of shooting correct can greatly reduce the time it takes to shoot a whole collection. The studio is booked and we are also hoping for some good weather to allow us to capture some outdoor shots as well.

Modelling the Vida Moda Plus Size Collections

It is all good fun and hopefully we’ll be able to produce some creative shots to show off the individual pieces from the collections as well as high quality studio “catalogue” shots to help our customers choices when they are shopping with us. We’ll be featuring a new model for this seasons collections, a wonderful lady called Sabine Gruchet who is French Australian, gorgeous and really fun to work with. Sabine has an hourglass figure and is size 16 and we are looking forward to working with her again.

New Partner – for Shoes!

This season we are really delighted announce that the footwear featuring in the fashion shoot this year will be supplied by Modish, an independent retailer with shops in Cambridge and Saffron Walden. We spent a day last week at Modish choosing shoes and boots for the photo shoot.

During the day we were struck by the unrivalled value that independent retailers are in a position to offer their customers. It just doesn’t compare to that offered by the chains. Sarah from Modish talked us through every single pair of boots or shoes we looked at and discussed with us how they would or would not be suitable for the garments in our collections.

Sarah’s knowledge and interest in the subject gave us the confidence that we were making the right choices for our collections. We got the same treatment she gives her customers and it’s no wonder she gets lots of customers with well shod happy feet walking out of her shops!

It’s customer service at its best and we are pleased to be featuring shoes and boots from Modish to complement our Autumn and winter collections.

Welcome to Autumn

So welcome to Autumn and keep an eye on the Vida Moda store in October as we launch our collections for this season. In the meantime we have a little pre season sale going, just for a couple of weeks where you can pick up an early bargain. Happy shopping!


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