Your Fashion Resolutions for 2013

04 Jan 2013

New Years Fashion Resolutions

Do you fall into the trap of making lots of unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that inevitably go by the wayside after just a few weeks? Don’t feel bad, you’re certainly not alone! This year, instead of setting yourself up for a fall, why not make some resolutions you’ll actually want to keep? Here are a few ideas to get you started

1. Wear it or dump it.

Start the New Year with a really ruthless clear out of your wardrobe. Anything you haven’t worn in the last year, get rid! Either donate to charity, or sell through an auction site. Anything you never wear because it’s missing a button or needs a new zip, either mend, or add to your charity pile. Anything that doesn’t fit, say goodbye! Make it your goal to only own clothes that you love, that you look great in and most importantly, that you actually wear!

2. Try things on, yes, even from us an online store.

How many times have you come home from a shopping trip with something that looked great on the hanger, but awful when you actually tried it on? And how often have you forgotten to then take said item back to the shop? Save time and money by getting in the habit of trying things on before you buy!

If buying from us and you're unsure if something will fit or be the correct length then please contact us to find out. Drop us an email with your questions and the relevant information about your height and shape. When we despatch a parcel to a customer we want you to feel happy when you receive it. So prepare for that little moment of happiness and satisfaction by asking us a question before you making your purchase. We are only too happy to help, we want you to look and feel great in whatever you purchase from us!

3. Look after your clothes!

We’ve all done it, getting ready for a night out, can’t decided what to wear, try on a dozen outfits, leave the rejects scattered around your bedroom. Stop! Putting them straight back on the hanger keeps your clothes in better condition and eliminates the need to re-wash and iron pieces you haven’t even worn! Please read the washing instructions carefully, it can make all the difference! We publish them for each of our items on the store. Check the bottom of the product descriptions on our product pages.

4. Mix it up!

Do you always wear that top with those trousers? Or a certain blouse with the same old skirt? Try a bit of mix and match to inject new life into your existing wardrobe without spending a penny! Or just find a new item that you can wear with various items that you already have. If you need a suggestion or two them email us, we are always happy to provide a suggestion or two about what can be teamed with items bought from Vida Moda.

What fashion related resolutions are you making this year? Why not post some thoughts about your New Years Fashion Resolutions for 2013 on our Facebook wall and share them with our growing Facebook community.


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