The Cost of Plus Size Clothing

01 Dec 2012

The Cost of Plus Size Clothes At Vida Moda

More than one person has observed that Vida Moda is expensive. They are correct, we are expensive, but not for the sake of being expensive. We are not trying to compete in the same arena as chain stores (low end and high end). We stock niche brands that aren’t that well known in the UK. They are not manufactured in large quantities; typically they are boutique wear and are quite exclusive. Most people will not be wearing the clothes we stock, as they are not widely available.

There seems to be some perception that Vida Moda is expensive BECAUSE we stock plus size clothing. This is not the case and actually (perhaps naively) never occurred to me! We only sell plus size clothing because that’s what I set out to do with Vida Moda, to give plus size women a better and different choice of great quality, well designed and well cut fashion for plus size women.

The clothes we sell on Vida Moda are not expensive because of that, they are expensive because they are niche brands, some of them well known names abroad. There are (much) more expensive plus size brands than us available in the UK and they are well known.

Manufacturers Pricing Practices

In fact the collections we buy often have price variations, so typically anything above a size 20 carries an extra cost. I understand why this is case, more cloth undeniably adds to the cost of manufacture. However we don’t discriminate, we don’t pass this cost on to our customers. We have a smaller margin on larger sizes. If Vida Moda sold a dress in a size 8 all the way up to a size 28 then we will charge the same price for each size. Perhaps that is not good from a business perspective but ethically it is the way it should be, and proving a great service for larger women is what I set out to do.

Why I Started Vida Moda

When starting Vida Moda I wanted to supply larger ladies with great quality and interesting designs, clothing that you will look good in and feel great wearing and make a statement (if you want to!). You can wear our collections everyday, for a special night out, on holiday, or on a cruise, I wanted you to have the option to look and feel a little special every day rather than just a few times a year for special occasions.

I didn’t want to sell glitzy little numbers; dresses for events, dinner dances, high society events or formal wear for work. It’s not who I am. Vida Moda is set up to provide larger ladies with great quality well designed fashion. It’s more exclusive and you won’t see many people wearing the designs we stock, so yes we are different and more expensive than some high street stores.

Most of our customers come back and buy again. When people return clothes to us (our returns rate is considerably lower than industry averages) it’s because the item hasn’t suited their particular shape. Shape is different challenge to which there is no easy answer and which I’ll be writing a post about in the future.

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