Clothes for travelling in comfort and style

by Joanna Davis

Summer is just a few months away, and according to EasyJet Magazine (page 90) most of us have had our holidays booked since last year. Even if you’re still deciding where to go, why not take some time to plan your first holiday outfit now and avoid the stress of frantic shopping and packing at the last-minute?


Air travel in particular can be uncomfortable and typically involves some waiting around. A few style tips can really make an impact on your comfort, both at the airport and on board the flight. Simplicity is the key to making your entire journey go smoothly.

Dresses might not seem like an obvious choice of travel wear, but they are in fact very versatile. Our Emreco Navy and White Nautical Print Sleeveless Dress is made out of stretchy fabric, so you’ll be able to move around easily and won’t feel constrained in your seat. And, of course, you’ll still look fabulous when you arrive at your destination.

When choosing a dress or indeed any travel clothing, go for something without metal buckles or straps, as these can cause delays at security. A simple design also prevents discomfort when sitting in enclosed spaces. Consider wearing socks or tights too, as most airport security checks now include scanning shoes and walking through the terminal barefoot isn’t always a pleasant experience! On that note, try to wear shoes that slip on and off to cut down on time at security.

Outfits for your holiday destination

If your destination has a milder climate, a long-sleeved dress or tunic creates an elegant silhouette paired with leggings or loose trousers. Our Black Fishtail Tunic adds a touch of style to a comfortable outfit and allows you to cover up in bad weather.

Whatever the forecast for your destination, layering is a good bet, particularly when travelling by air, as the cabin often gets chilly. A simple pullover, like our Blue Knitted Cardigan, is useful to have on hand and can also serve as a makeshift pillow if you’re planning to sleep en route. Go for something neutral, which can be worn with many different outfits over the course of your holiday, as this will free up space in your hold luggage.

A scarf or pashmina is another handy item to have both when travelling and abroad. Our Pia Rossini Jonas Zebra Print Scarf is a wonderful statement summer piece, which can be paired with an evening dress or thrown around your shoulders as temporary protection when you land, before you have a chance to put on some sun cream.

What to keep in mind

So to recap, key things to keep in mind when dressing to travel:

  • Comfort: look for light, loose or stretchy fabrics that won’t constrict your movements or make you uncomfortable.
  • Layering: the climate can vary greatly between locations, so be prepared with an extra layer or two if the weather at your destination is changeable.
  • Simplicity: Avoid unnecessary buckles or accessories as these can cause discomfort when sitting and might hold you back at security.
  • Style: a neutral outfit with one statement piece is a classic look which can be adjusted to fit your needs.


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