Fashion tips for the fashion lazy (part two)

by Joanna Davis

As you may well know, not every woman loves to shop. Some women even hate it and refuse to spend hardly any time thinking about what to wear. You would assume that such women would naturally look a bit sloppy or out of sync - but not so! This week we shall continue with the discussion we started last week: looking through the eyes of the fashion lazy, and disclosing tips on how to look stylish with as little effort as possible.

Timeless over en vogue

When it comes to lazy fashion, classic beats trendy every time. Staying up to date can be a mission in itself, requiring lots of time in keeping up with what’s hot and new, and even more time shopping to keep your closet up to date. When choosing a look it’s best to stick to something timeless that truly represents the way you want to be perceived. Spend time on this one step to get it right, and you can reap the time rewards for years to come, modifying or adding slightly as you go. Get too current or too trendy, and you’ll have have to update your look as styles change, which means: more time, more money, more shopping.

The ensemble over the soloist

Many women who love shopping will look for clothes they love; that stunning blouse or that dress that just makes them stop in their tracks. This item is like a soloist in an orchestra, it works beautifully on its own, and the trick then becomes how to fit it in with the others - so much time and consideration is required to make sure they all work together without overpowering each other.

The other strategy is to go for the ensemble. Take this white on white look featuring our beautiful Veneto Jacket. Each piece of the ensemble may be a bit quieter and simpler, not without its own subtle charm perhaps, but together they create a powerful whole that works, is harmonious, and delivers an overall impression of beauty and style.

Shop in bulk

When you go shopping, don’t just buy one, buy several! If you find something that fits you well and looks good, double up and buy a few duplicates or variations. Buying duplicates will make your clothes last longer, meaning you won’t have to buy new clothes as often. If you find a shop that fits you well, chances are there will be a few other similar pieces that will also suit you well. Load up when you can and you can avoid thinking about it again later. You may even be able to negotiate a discount. If there is only one left, try the online stores to see if you can get a few more in that style, since you know it fits.

A simple palette

Deciding on a simple palette of colours that work well together will help to reduce the time you spend selecting an outfit. I had a friend who only wore black, white and shades of grey. As a result, everything she bought always fit in well with everything else. The monochrome palette gave her a particular sense of style, but it was a huge timesaver as well. Even a beautiful decorative print or pattern top like our greyscale floral top becomes a versatile addition when combined with a simple monochrome palette.

We may not all hate shopping, but many of us are too busy at the best of times. So whether you are the type who loves spending hours hunting in the discount aisles, or would rather spend the time catching up on some crochet, it always helps to have a few quick tips to save time and stay looking fabulous. After all, nobody minds the looking good part, do they?


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