5 tips for giving your wardrobe a spring cleaning

by Joanna Davis

Having clothes that don’t flatter you is like having friends that don’t flatter you - they make you feel ugly and damage your self esteem! You wouldn’t hang around with friends like that, would you? So why let unflattering clothes hang from your body?

1. Ditch unflattering clothes

Have enough confidence in yourself to know that you are a beautiful woman; if your clothes don't reinforce this positive self image then they shouldn't be in your collection! It’s not your fault that they are unflattering clothes, they were made that way. But they are just clothes, they don’t have feelings of rejection. Chuck them out. Show no mercy. They are not going to care either way. Bin them if they are old and worn, or give them away if they can help somebody else.

Surround yourself only with things that reinforce a positive self image. Doing this will improve your appearance and make you a happier person.

2. Make four piles

It’s a well known fact that keeping clutter can clutter your mind, making it slower to make decisions, which ultimately leads to more indecision! Out of sight is out of mind, so it’s better to only have things visible that you are actually going to wear in the next few months. Make 4 piles or get 4 boxes. Label one for summer, one for winter, one for spring and one for fall. Now go through your wardrobe and quickly sort out all of the clothes into the box that seems the most fitting. The trick is to do this quickly, taking no more than 10-15 seconds for each. Rely on your impulse decisions, they are usually right. Don’t worry, you can go through the box again later and change a decision if you feel unsure. Of course, there will be some overlaps but that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with shifting some spring clothes into the summer box when the time comes. Do this also with your shoes, scarves, hats, socks and everything else that you wear. At every point utilise tip number one.

3. Set yourself a time limit

You may find that while sorting through your wardrobe, you come across various things that will distract your train of thought. Similarly, you might end up fixating on particular items and allowing hours and hours to drift by without getting things done. The trick here is to set yourself a time limit and race to get it done in time. Those distractions will just have to get filed into the ‘not now’ pile. You have work to do and you don’t have time to get lost in the labyrinth of your closet.

4. Assess the situation

Once your items have been set aside, look into your pile for this season and see if you have too much or too little there to manage. Now it's time to make adjustments; add a few of those overlapping pieces from another box or shift some away. Hang these back into the empty closet and enjoy the space they have there. Everything in front of you should be something you love, or at least like to wear; it should be the privileged few, the iems that makes you feel great when you wear them. Everything that doesn't should go the way of tip number one.

If any of the items need hemming or repair, put these in a bag and take them to the tailor to get them repaired - they'll be back in your wardrobe in no time!

Now, go back and neatly fold and prepare the clothes in the other boxes for storage; you can take them out again when it's the appropriate time of year. Vacuum pack bags can save a lot of space and still allow you to see what’s inside them. It’s also nice to have uniform stackable boxes that are clearly labelled and tidy in order to declutter the space.

5. Write a shopping list

Look into your new seasonal wardrobe and see if there is anything missing or if there are any gaps - perhaps you have too many tops and not enough bottoms to balance things out. Write down what you think you need and use this as a shopping list to add a few new flattering and great pieces to your wardrobe. Reward yourself for a spring cleaning job well done. You may want to have a look at the Vida Moda colourful new arrivals or our summer clothing for some great choices. And certainly take your list with you when you go shopping, so that you can target what you are looking for.

This simple spring cleaning job is sure to leave you with a mean, lean and flattering wardrobe that you'll feel proud to wear!


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