How to flatter an Apple Body shape

by Joanna Davis

If you are an apple shape you probably have a thick waist and possibly a round belly with weight around your mid-section. If you also have a medium to large bust and hips, you may find that your overall curve is quite boxy and straight, without that hourglass definition. With smaller breasts and narrow hips you may have this line bulging outward at the middle, creating more of a rounder overall appearance. But no matter what your overall shape, the important thing is to know your shape and how to work it, making use of the subtle art of illusion to your advantage - to make you look great and feel sexy.

Basic strategy

With apple shapes, the key is to create a lengthening effect in your overall appearance. Choose cuts and designs that create a more vertical or V shaped effect. Many apple shapes are shorter in height, and so can benefit from wearing taller shoes for extra height and length. The next strategy is to use structured clothing to add volume and shape to your bust and hip lines to create the illusion of a waist. The final step is to choose cuts and colours to draw the eye away from the mid-section and toward the bust and the hip line.

Wear fitted jackets

Fitted tailoring is your best friend. One of the best ways to create more volume and give structure to your shape is to wear a nice jacket with some weight in the shoulders and a gentle taper inward toward the hips. Single breasted designs will give a more shapely overall appearance and have a narrowing effect on the waist. Wear either a short jacket that ends at the hip line or a slightly longer cut that tapers inward at the waist and back out toward the hips. If you combine a lighter or coloured jacket with a dark top, this will also draw attention to the bust and shoulders, and defocus the bulk of the mid-section while creating some nice lengthening verticals.

Choose widening or vertical cuts

Choosing a wider cut top like a wide scoop neck or a cowl neckline may seem counter intuitive. You may start to ask yourself: why should I widen my body shape when I want to create a narrower look? However, the secret to giving a more shapely figure is to widen the bust and hip line, giving the effect of a narrower waist line by comparison. Choosing tops that show more skin area to the top of the bust and have a horizontal oriental will shift the focus away from your waist and toward your bust and shoulders. Choosing tops with more material like a short puffed or angled sleeve, or gypsy cut can also add more width to the shoulders and draw the eye upward.

Vertical cuts, such as a v-neck or tear drop, also work very well to create a lengthening effect. In this regard, take a look at our Chianti Summer Burst Wrap Top: the cut as well as cheerful colour might just be right for you. Wearing shirts with wider or expressive collars like a waterfall collar, or wide shirt collar, will also create a similar v-neck effect while adding a strong vertical line down the centre.

Accentuate your hips

Be on the look out for designs that have some extra material or folds around the top of the hips to help give these areas some extra definition. Using a brightly coloured belt around the hips can also help to give your hips that extra kick as well as make a stylish contribution to your wardrobe. Choose dress shapes or skirts with some shape or structure to add extra volume to your hips and reinforce an impression of the hourglass figure.

If dividing your look into top and bottom, make sure that this transition occurs at the hips and not the waist. What you want to avoid are designs with any horizontal lines or folds falling across the waist; this includes tops that have horizontal bands of colour which will cut up your mid-section horizontally and create a shortening effect.

Lengthen lengthen lengthen

Trousers, of which you have a lot to choose from the Vida Moda range, can visually “lengthen” the body and draw attention away from the waist. Denim jeans are great as they will have a smoothing effect on your hips and thighs, which makes your legs look nicer. Avoid wearing tight fitting or skin tight materials which only make your mid-section look bigger by comparison. Opt instead for flared or wide legged trousers with any lines or zippers on the sides instead of the front - this will draw attention away from the centre. Combine with some comfortable low to medium heels to give you some extra length and an elegant stride you can keep up all day.

For situations when wearing a skirt can be flattering, choose the right shoes to show off and lengthen your legs. Platform shoes, strappy sandals, wedges and calf length boots all help to create the impression of long legs and a fuller bottom to balance you out. Avoid long buckle boots that will make your legs look short or wider shoes like uggs that make your feet look too big.

Follow the tips we've highlighted above, using contrast and colour to your advantage to reinforce the effect you want. Finally, keep a look out for styles and patterns that will suit your body type and you will have never looked better in your life. Enjoy the new sexy you!


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