How to flatter a Strawberry Body shape

by Joanna Davis

Often referred to as top heavy or inverted triangle, strawberry shaped women are defined as having a large or curvaceous bust accompanied by narrower hips and a smaller bottom. This shape is basically the inverse of the pear, and like the pear, can have hourglass type curves about it, but with a greater or lesser imbalance of the top to the bottom proportions.

Some women may find themselves moving into this category for a period of time when with child or nursing; others who have been born to have a large bust will usually have large breasts accompanied by a wider frame and broader back. In either case, whether temporary or not, the trick is to take the attention away from that lovely bust and even it out elsewhere.

Basic strategy

Being endowed with a buxomly bust line may seem to some ladies like a thing to highlight or to emphasise. However, the trick with a strawberry frame is to try to restore the balance between your upper and lower halves by downplaying the bust and giving some more emphasis and weight to your hips and thighs. Using colour to accentuate your bottom portions is a great way to add flare and emphasis to your lower regions, especially when accompanied by a black or dark coloured top.

Choose rounded medium necklines

Flexible or fitted, dark coloured shirts and t-shirts that have a medium neckline will draw attention to the neck and face, and will also have a lengthening effect on your upper body. Avoid low or revealing cuts that draw attention to the bust line.

A medium v-neck style is a great device for minimising the shape around the bust, only don’t go too low or you will undo all your efforts. Experiment with different cuts and curves to see what works best.

A scoop neck or wide scoop is also a good cut for this type. Choose a low round shaped neckline which looks like a semicircle; this will give emphasis to the top of the neck and chest, and will also create a minimising effect on the upper body. Avoid high round necklines at all costs. High round necklines, such as a polo neck or crew neck, will exaggerate the expanse of chest area, making everything look larger and out of proportion.

The aim is find a medium neckline that will divide the bulk of the upper body without drawing attention to it. If you go too low you will draw attention to the bust line, if you go too high it will increase the appearance of the mass of the upper body. Avoid slash or other horizontal necklines as they tend to be unflattering for the shoulders of strawberry shaped women.

Express your bust the right way

If you do want to express your beautiful bust, showing too much skin or cleavage with a low cut can generate negative attention or make the wrong impression. Try instead to opt for an empire line dress which is pulled close to the body just under the bust. This will both emphasise your bust and create a beautiful contrast with the waist to accentuate the hour glass curves of your figure. Though up top it's best to cover up, it's OK to show a bit of skin high on the waistline if the occasion calls for it.

Accentuate your hips and highlight your waist

Strawberry types need to emphasise their hips and waist in order to balance out the weight in their upper halves. For this reason, it's a good choice to wear skirts or dresses with a bit of flare (as well as flair), or skirts which have more body, such as our new Silky Fauna Print Summer Dress.

Experiment with skirts that add volume, wide leg pants and high waisted styles that will also add emphasis to your narrowest point. If you’re into trousers then stick with the flared or wider cuts, and avoid the skinny pants and high heels look, which will only accentuate your top heaviness and make you look unbalanced.

The most fun part of being a strawberry shape is the emphasis on accentuating the hips with a stylish chunky belt or light scarf wrapped around the waist. Using large belts, or belts in bright colours will be sure to give your hips the kick they need to balance out your look. Alternatively, choose tops which have a slab of colour or detail towards the bottom like our new Que smock tunic for the same effect.

Whatever you do, don’t wear a lacy bra visible under a smooth top or you undermine all your efforts to move attention away from your bust. With all these tips and tricks we hope you learn to love your body type and work to balance your curves to look absolutely fantastic.


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