Style predictions for spring 2014

by Joanna Davis

Fashion, it has been said, never sleeps. As we slowly leave winter behind and move deeply into the new year, the fashion conscious are already turning their attention to predicting what new fashions will blossom in the spring. Here are our designers thoughts on what we’ll be looking forward to later in the year.

Brilliant blazers

A well cut, well fitting blazer is a must have for any winter/spring collection. Blazers can be worn for stylish effortless elegance – for daytime chic, as smart work wear or as the perfect party frock cover up when a cardigan just doesn’t cut it.

Black or navy is the safe choice for those who want to look elegant and fashionable; these dark colours will go with absolutely everything! For the more adventurous among you, perhaps it's time to experiment with some bolder colours for a change. A festive bright pillar box red or a cool flash of royal purple can really make an outfit pop and breathe life into an otherwise ordinary wardrobe.

If a blazer feels too formal, try to soften it up with a scarf or with a quirky brooch to personalise the look.

Awesome aqua

Think floating, draping, fluid fabrics in every hue of blue and turquoise imaginable. We predict this will flow into the high street as a plethora of floaty styles in an aquamarine inspired rainbow. Sounds quite lovely, don’t you think?

Super stripes

Marc Jacobs has sent many a model down his catwalk in a splurge of stripes, and this Oscar de la Renta Gown with its chevron pattern is just gorgeous. We expect to see lots of striped goodies hitting the high street. Curvier ladies may think that stripes are an unflattering no-go, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Provided you pick a style that compliments your figure, you can definitely embrace this trend.

Pearly pastels

It looks like sugary sweet candy shades are big news once again. They create a beautifully light, effortless look that is perfect for the spring. Classic favourites such as lemon and coral can be joined by punchier mints and lilacs to update the look.

Winter whites

Many designers feature a lot of crisp white tailoring. Classic cuts with updated twists were plentiful, and so easy to be adapted into high street friendly styles. Simple and stylish cuts like our gorgeous White Shift Dress by Eden Rock will keep you ahead of the trendsetters.

Pretty prints

Once again, floral prints will be big news across the board, which is never a bad thing. Tasty treats like our flower print tunic, by Signature, cover all the angles in a floral meets geometric explosion. With bold colours, bright patterns and striking fabrics, there will be something for everyone.


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