Fashion on "The Bridge" Season 2

02 February 2014

I was pleased to see the return of the excellent series “The Bridge” Bron | Broen co-produced by Sweden and Denmark. The characterisations are excellent and make the programme very watchable. I can’t watch any television programme without scrutinising its fashion and styling! Initially I found the first series of the Bridge difficult to watch as it’s shot in very muted tones. I’m not quite sure if this is reflect the mood of the programme or if it is supposed to portray Sweden and Denmark in a drab sense. It may even be a style that is characteristic of Swedish and Danish television series. I noted the same thing about “The Killing” when it was broadcast.

Fashion enhancing the female characters in The Bridge season 2

The latest season has just finished in the UK. The storyline has been excellent and there a multitude of characters interacting (beyond Saga and Martin) to keep the various plots moving along. Fashion is playing a role too in this season, it is being cleverly used to reflect the personalities of the individual female characters.

Scandinavian Fashion at Vida Moda

I’m a big fan of Scandinavian Fashion, we stock a number of Scandinavian brands on Vida Moda including Q’neel, Signature, Tia, Que and Bitte Kia Rand. Scandinavian fashion has a clear identity and it is being displayed very well in Series 2 of The Bridge. Here’s my short analysis of how fashion styles are being used to underpin the presentation of each character’s personality

Saga Noren character

Saga’s clothing represents her relatively narrow focus on her work and her black and white personality and “honest” view of the world. She wears the same clothing most of the time, and occasionally is seen changing her tee-shirt in the office for another of exactly the same colour. I must admit to liking the semi quilted and knitted top that she has been wearing this series. She’s most commonly seen wearing brown leather trousers and a sludge coloured great coat. Even the colour of her Porsche reflects her personality.

Viktoria Nordengren character

Viktoria’s character played by Tova Magnusson-Norling has some similarity to Saga’s. She’s very focused but she has a very cold edge. She’s the CEO of a drugs company and she’s dying of cancer. Her fashion style is top end, beautiful and expensive looking. By and large she dresses in black reflecting the sombreness of the character and her home is a minimalist modern house with little colour which again reflects the character’s personality.

Bodil Brandstrup character

Bodil is played by Lotte Andersen, yet again she’s different to the other characters. She’s a writer/publisher, confident and more gregarious than Saga and Viktoria. She’s constantly advising her sister (Caroline Brandstrup-Julin) to live her life with a bit more excitement. Her fashion style consists of a wider mixture colours often with busy geometric designs that reflect the brightness of her personality.

Caroline Brandstrup-Julin

Caroline, played by Lotte Munk Fure is a polar opposite to her sister. She’d busy organising an EU summit and is portrayed as a professional. She’s also playing an innocent and perhaps naïve type of character and her fashion style of flowing lighter coloured (beige and white) dresses and blouses with white jackets reflects her naivety very well.

In Summary

I think The Bridge is excellent and the subtle use of fashion and styling by the production and costume designers really helps bring the characters to life. The number of diverse female characters in the series with interweaving plot-lines is wonderful and to my mind is one of the things that is making the series very watchable. I’m also pretty sure all the clothing is Scandinavian; stylistically it certainly looks like it is.

Third season of The Bridge

They’ve commissioned a third seasons and it will be interesting to view how they use fashion in the third series. The Saga Noren character is almost fixed in stone, what if anything from a fashion perspective can they change about her character?

Your personality when shopping for clothes?

I wonder, when we shop for clothes do we all think about the personality we are trying to portray or do we buy clothing just because we like it? What do you think? I’d like to hear your thoughts, please do add your comments and share this post!


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