The clean-cut white blouse: Vida Moda’s Winter Essentials (part 3)

by Joanna Davis

When we think of winter gear, we tend to focus on outer wear: coats, overcoats and rain coats, scarves, hats and gloves. But hang on, what happens when you’re indoors and take those off, leaving them safe in a cloakroom? Being winter savvy when it comes to your wardrobe also involves looking gorgeous when you’re indoors, as you’re likely to spend most of your time either at home or at work. These kinds of items, such as t-shirts, shirts and blouses, are the ones that get most worn out with use – the ones that you are likely to replace more often.

The last thing you want, though, is a wardrobe full of clothes that you don’t like or wear. The main reason this happens because we don’t choose classic clothes that are easy to combine, but rather things we think we like, but don’t look particularly good on us.

The third winter staple in our series of four is a garment so timeless and elegant that every designer has featured it on their catwalk at one point in time or another: the simple, clean-cut white blouse. Well pressed and fitted, no other garment will match it in terms of looks and value for money!

Simple, clean-cut white blouse

A white blouse can be worn up or down – unlike a dress, which you can only wear as is. You can combine it with colourful jewellery for a casual look, or with a luxurious gold necklace when you need a more formal outfit. Out all the possible colours for blouses, white is a must. If your wardrobe already contains a white blouse or shirt, it's worthwhile considering getting other colours, such as black or a very brave orange - not for the faint hearted but definitely an eye catcher!

If this is going to be the first blouse to make its way into your wardrobe, we would strongly recommend you to get a white blouse – have a look at our ¾ sleeve white blouse: the perfect garment to wear smart or casual; with trousers, jeans and longer skirts; day or evening; office or weekend.

Here are some tips to help you style up a simple white blouse and avoid the most common mistakes when wearing it:

  • Layers: Wearing a shirt can mean you’re ready to go, but you might also decide to wear a T-shirt underneath, and a blazer on top. Wearing a scarf over your blouse will make you look all wrapped up, ready to face the winter cold. Layers have been in for a couple of seasons, and are likely to stay trendy – wearing two or three layers of clothes will keep you warm without taking any of the oomph away from your outfit. However, make sure that you’re wearing warm shoes if you happen to be sporting a layered upper-half: pumps can look too small and odd if you’re layering up clothes, unless we’re talking heeled boots.
  • Underwear: It might be that you’re not keen on wearing layers, or that the heating at the office is high enough that you don’t need them. Also, at times, the formality of the occasion will mean that all you have to wear is an elegant white shirt. In this case, make sure your outfit isn’t ruined by wearing black, red or patterned bras or underwear t-shirts. If you are wearing a white shirt on its own, ensure all underwear is skin-coloured to avoid unwanted transparencies. To achieve this, make sure that the colour of your bra and t-shirt is as similar to your skin colour as possible.
  • Shoes: It might be tempting to go for a white pair of shoes, but it's hard to not make them look too summery. Besides, they will make your feet look larger than they are, just because of the way white reflects light. My personal choice is to go for browns; they go marvellously with white tops and they’re easy to combine with leather belts and handbags.

Finally, remember that a total white look is a no-no in the winter: you don’t want to look as if you’re about to go to a party in Ibiza. Keep the total white looks for the summer – they’re stunning and can make curvy women look amazing, but not during the winter.

Next week, we’ll be featuring the last of our new year wardrobe essentials. Have I missed anything? Are there any tips that you would like me to cover?

Let us know about the wows that you get with your white blouses!


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