A trendy new you for a new year: Vida Moda’s Winter essentials

by Joanna Davis

After all the excitement of the Christmas festivities, winter is still here and it seems like it’s going to last forever. But do not despair - winter clothes are perhaps the most beautiful of all! The top designers will also agree that winter is the best season to show off the best clothes in your wardrobe.

The key to showing off your most beautiful clothes is, of course, to have chosen a good palette of items that you can be proud of. Last week we started a new series of posts, featuring the essential garments for the winter as seen in our gorgeous collection – and here’s the second post in the series.

Jeans - versatility at its best

Jeans are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Of course, it is crucial that they’re beautiful, fashionable, and that they can be worn both with heels and flats, sweaters and blouses. A great feature of a good pair of jeans is that they can be worn with any colour that you fancy – they’re almost like having three pairs of trousers! Wear them up on Friday night to grab some drinks with your work colleagues – simply add a good pair of shiny earrings and your most eye-catching pair of stilettos. Wear them down on a Sunday morning for a walk in the countryside and a roast dinner – warm winter boots and a woollen hat will complete your look!

Here are some key aspects of jeans that make all the difference:

  • Colour. Steer clear from sandblasted or dyed jeans. Have a look around our shop, and you’ll see that our designers have only picked elegant jeans that will never make you look shabby. Our dark blue jeans are always an absolute best-seller: a great, elegant and timeless hue that you can combine perfectly with reds, browns, whites or even golden shades – no style compromises!
  • Cut: Making sure your jeans fit involves two tasks: one, checking that the waistline fits; two, having a careful look at the leg cut. Slim cut jeans are absolutely stunning when worn with stilettos, but are also ideal to wear with knee-height boots. Pair them up with a warm sweater, and you’re ready to go on yet another winter day looking gorgeous. Also, bear in mind that what’s important is to feel good in your pair of jeans: the fashion world is never clear and never decides whether skinny or boot-cut jeans are in – and celebrities don’t seem to make their minds up either! If you do prefer ample jeans, have a look at our smart casual boot-cut jeans, and try them on with some heels that give your figure an extra inch or two, like our model in the photo.
  • Pockets: Unlike gents’ jeans, stylish ladylike jeans do not look flattering when your pockets are full. You might have noticed that they don’t even come fitted with large pockets, but rather small ones where you can barely fit the tips of your fingers. While pockets can look really good, and can enhance your figure at the hips, taking attention away from your waistline; avoid at all costs carrying your mobile phone, keys and wallet in the pockets of your new jeans – it will add inches where you don’t want them. Besides, what are handbags invented for?
  • Length: Although it can be tempting to get yourself jeans that touch the floor, this is not flattering for your figure – it might not be apparent to you before you try them on, but actually, the ideal length for jeans does not have to touch the floor. By getting slightly shorter jeans, you will avoid getting them wet when it’s raining. It also means that you can wear them with both flats and high heeled shoes: canvas shoes by day, and classy wedges by night. With a pair of slightly shorter jeans, you're able to transform yourself in a matter of minutes, ready to go out looking effortlessly great after a long day at work or at home!
  • Belts: When I was younger, I always made the mistake of not wearing a belt that would keep my jeans in place. I thought that it wouldn’t look that great, but one day I gave it a go and, oh my, my jeans stayed in place all day long! I didn’t have to keep pulling them up over the course of the day, which is not just uncomfortable but also looks really bad. You might have noticed that the fabric jeans are made out of stretches as you wear it – they’re hard to get into right after washing them, but become slightly bigger while you wear them. Wearing a belt will ensure a perfect fit all day long – have a look at our gorgeous model above and notice she’s sporting a belt that goes perfectly well with her outfit and, best of all, it matches her shoes too!

Next week we’ll be back with another wardrobe staple for this winter. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see covered? Let us know your thoughts!


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