A new trendy you with our winter essentials

This week we're starting a new series featuring essential garments that every modern-day woman should have in their wardrobe. As we're in now in winter, a great place to get started is with your coat! No matter what your lifestyle is, at Vida Moda we believe you can stay warm and trendy all winter long. You needn't compromise between warmth and gorgeousness - our winter wear collection has something for everyone!

Your coat - keep it classic

A bright-coloured coat is fun, but let’s face it, you’re not going to wear it every day. For instance, a pink coat can look dazzlingly feminine, but after you’ve worn it for a week you'll probably be ready for a change. So, the way to go with outerwear is keeping it classic, and adding colourful accessories that you can change as and when it suits you. Want to acccessorize with pink? This colour goes with our lovely trench coat like a dream. If you’re up for yellow the following morning, you can be sure that the same trench coat will look just great with a yellow scarf, too.

The right sleeve length for you

Make sure the sleeve length is right for you. Unless you’re after a french sleeve, you want to make sure that the sleeves cover your arms up to your hands - roughly where your thumb starts. Any shorter, and you won’t be able to cover your wrists. If the sleeves are longer, you could always alter the garment. However, you won’t be comfortable if the sleeves are longer than your arms.

Make sure it fits

The best way to check this is, again, by having a closer look at the sleeves. This time, have a look at the underarm area. Does the garment fit in this area, or is it too loose? A perfect fit in the underarm area will guarantee that your coat will look amazing from all sides. Try on the coat, and have a look with two mirrors: would you like this woman to turn around when you approach her from behind? A coat is not an excuse to hide under the layers, but a way to emphasise your inner beauty!

The length of your coat

This depends largely on your taste and preferences. However, keep in mind that looking good makes you feel emotionally uplifted, especially if you consider how much time you spend in your coat during the winter months. A good rule of thumb is to keep your coat length slightly above the knee - any shorter and you could get cold. However, if the coat is too long then it might make you feel uncomfortable when walking.

Accessorize for colour

The role of colour in fashion can’t be overstated. When you’re about to get yourself a coat, a classic colour is the way to go for variety, even if this seems counter-intuitive. Instead of a bright yellow coat, accessorize! You could look different every day of the week by picking and mixing your favourite accessories - hats, scarves, gloves, wraps - and combining them with the very same coat. Our boiled wool coat is an all-time favourite and the perfect coat to accessorize with.

Your wardrobe at large

Think of your coat as your outerwear staple. Is your wardrobe quite colourful already? In that case you want to go for a black coat such as our great cashmere coat that will match many items of clothing you already have. It's alluring to take off your coat and reveal a colourful outfit underneath. Nice sense of surprise!

We’ll be back with another wardrobe essential next time, with more tips for making the right fashion choices. Can you guess what garment we’ll be talking about?


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