How to triple your wardrobe without spending money

Right after the Christmas season, or should I say the Christmas shopping season, some of us finally come to terms with the fact that money may be a bit tight this month. One way to overcome the squeeze and get the most out of your wardrobe during this time of year is by cleverly selecting new additions with a keen eye for versatility.

By looking for pieces that can create great looks for very different occasions, you can ensure that you always look chic without loosening the purse strings. This week, our designers have put together an example of how to transform one blouse into three great looks without much effort.

Start with a good top

This season, one of our favourite designers, Que, has come out with this our fabulous pretty-print-blouse (for only £59.75). This blouse has the perfect combination of features to pull off a variety of looks:

the cut is flattering yet versatile and plays the boundary between formal and casual

the print is gorgeous, with the right amount of interest and detail to support any outfit

the colours are quite neutral and therefore easy to match and compliment.

Choose your top carefully. It should be able to walk the line between formal and casual, be interesting enough to make an outfit, yet not to so dominant that it overpowers everything else (like a bright red top would do). Most importantly, it should be easy to match for maximum versatility.

One blouse three looks

The trick to versatility is to change your crowd and occasion for each look. You don’t want to come up with three different looks for the workday with the same blouse. Even with the shrewdest dresser, your work colleagues may start to whisper. It's a good idea to create looks for different occasions, one look for work, one for casual encounters, and one for formal occasions, where usually the crowds are different. You want to make different looks with one blouse, but not look like you are doing it.

With that in mind, let's take a lovely versatile top like the one we are featuring and look at three ways to wear the same piece in three completely different styles.

Casual chic

As seen on our lovely model, the loose fit of this fabulous blouse lends itself brilliantly to a casual yet chic look. Simply team it up with some leggings or your favourite jeans and add some chocolate brown leather boots or a belt to define your waist. The boots and the belt will help to anchor the look, and voila - you’re good to go!

The pattern is already quite detailed, so for a casual daytime look, it’s best to keep the accessories to a minimum. Feel free to add a chunky bangle or two, or perhaps some drop down earrings if you’re wearing your hair up.

The result is a fuss-free everyday outfit with plenty of style. Perfect for the school run, a shopping trip or lunch with friends.

Work wow

To make a stylish yet professional look for the office, simply tuck the blouse into a flattering black pencil or straight fitting skirt (our long black skirt), add some simple black heels to match and you’re dressed for success. The blouse has button up sleeves that can be worn long or short, which means you have the flexibility to wear the sleeves full length to create a more professional look, or leave them up to keep it more casual. Accessorise with a short necklace to create a smart yet stylish ensemble. If skirts aren’t your thing, this look works with black trousers as well.

Glamour girl

Whether its for a hot date or a night out with the girls, you can wear your favourite new blouse to create a look that’s both striking and glamourous while looking effortless.

This look is the glamourous cousin of the work wow outfit, but with a few choice additions to add some sparkle and make a statement. To start this look off, pile your hair up into a messy-chic bun to express that feminine v neck cut, and roll up the sleeves to three quarters length. Compliment this with some slimming black trousers (we recommend a tailored slim fit or wide legged style), add a belt to define your waist and highlight those curves, and throw on some heels to match.

Now add the sparkle. Bling it up with some texture like thin gold bangles in various finishes, a few beaded or diamante styles, whatever your fancy. If you are wearing your hair up, opt for some chandelier style drop earrings to lengthen the neck and maximise the starlet glamour.

By simply adding some accessories and a touch of colour in the eye shadow, you can transform the daytime work-wear version of the outfit to this more glitzy variation for the evening, making it the perfect option for those post-work drinks with colleagues.

So there you have it – three looks with one blouse. With so many different ways to wear this little gem, it could easily become the star of your winter wardrobe!

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