Celebrate the Christmas season in style

The festive season is already here! Supermarkets are stocked with Christmas goodies and the streets are decorated with colourful lights. You may have planned a number of parties already: for Christmas Eve, Christmas dinner, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve or the New Year celebration. And not to forget those secret Santa celebrations at the office!

But, hang on, have you decided what you’re going to wear to make the most out of the Christmas celebrations? If you haven’t, there’s no need to panic; here are some style tips for all you trendy ladies.

Garments only worn once?

We’ve all been there: if you've bought a lovely coral dress like this and only worn it once, you may want to consider your options before you buy another one. You could wear it for another occasion: for example, you could celebrate New Year’s eve in it if you've worn it Christmas eve last year at your in-laws. You will still be looking gorgeous with your closest friends around you!

Bear in mind that Christmas shouldn’t be all about spending thousands of pounds on dresses. If you’re seeing relatives and would like to wear your dress one more time, try getting new shoes, wearing colourful tights or wearing an elegant wrap like our pink pashmina shawl to give a fresh twist to your look. This will keep you warmer, too.

Even subtleties such as changing your makeup palette, wearing your hair up or adding a new necklace can make a difference – and will help you see your old dress in a completely new light.

What to wear when

Party etiquette can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t know what other people will turn up in. Remember, you can always ask your hosts about the dress code for the day or evening, if any. This way you’ll avoid embarrassment, as you will not turn up to a black-tie event in a casual outfit when everyone else is wearing formal dresses.

As a rule of thumb, don’t wear floor-length skirts or dresses during daytime, especially if they have a satin finish – this will make you look overdressed and out of place. For a casual daytime celebration, try pairing up our lovely burgundy dress with heeled boots – that will be a great combination. Add your favourite earrings and a stylish hairdo for the perfect look. Heels worn during the daytime should also be kept discreet to ensure that you look elegant and refined.

It's best to wear party dresses in the evenings. Sleeveless, shiny and glittery dresses, as well as those with revealing transparencies, such as our chiffon tunic, are better kept for evening gatherings – the best time to show off your lovely collarbones without any necklaces! Don’t forget a pair of earrings for that extra oomph, especially when it comes to sleeveless dresses or those with ample necklines.

If you’re travelling far to see your family and staying overnight, make sure you include some warm knitwear in your luggage to keep you wrapped up in the morning or for brunch with your loved ones!

Arriving at your party in style

Christmas occasion dresses may not be the warmest choice when it comes to leaving the house. Be sure to wrap up well before setting off. There’s absolutely no reason why keeping yourself warm should ruin your elegant outfit: wool coats and fur hats will keep you warm when leaving your party late at night, without compromising your style choices. For the ultimate fur look, have a look at our unique fur cuffs and boot toppers – you won’t find these anywhere else; and there’s no better way of giving your all-in-black party look an eye-catching twist.

Happy Christmas! Let us know how it all goes. We would love to hear from you.


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