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26 November 2013

If you are like most plus size women, you probably try to hide rather than express your shape. Whether it's because you’ve had a baby, gotten a bit older or just gained some weight, we aren’t as comfortable in our own skin as we would like to be.

Some of us hide our shape and size under baggy clothes, lots of layers, or other silly optical tricks like vertical stripes and wearing black to help fool the eye. Maybe these options work for you, or maybe they don't; but using clothing to disguise the shape of your body comes with two fundamental problems which may weigh on your mind and make you unhappy.

Problem number one: not really fooling anyone

No matter how many layers you have, or how many vertical stripes you sport, you cannot hide your size. And you may well be projecting your insecurity to the world. Although those layers and baggy clothes may blur your boundaries, they don’t exactly flatter you either, do they?

Problem number two: not buying clothes you like

You end up buying clothes based on whether they make you look slimmer, or how well they hide your form, not whether you actually like them. Wouldn't it be nice if you could buy the kind of clothes that you actually want to wear and that improve your figure instead of hide it? Well, you can!

I’ll let you in on two little secrets that have helped some of us larger ladies to ditch the tricks and go out with the confidence to reveal, not conceal.

Secret number one: curves are sexy

A body like a prepubescent 14 year old boy may help sell clothes and sunglasses in magazines, but what most men (and women) find attractive are those nice S shaped curves that really accentuate the beauty of the female form. If we are blessed with a lot to offer in that department, all we need is a bit of help to present our assets in the right way.

Secret number two: using shapewear

Shapewear is supportive underwear that can help you accentuate and proportion those curves so they are worth showing. There are several options and sizes to choose from, which all have a different focus and effect on your body. See our full range of shapewear here.

Shapewear increases our options when it comes to buying new clothes, which means having more fun hunting in the bargains box, experimenting with more styles, and most importantly increasing the confidence to buy the clothes that you actually want to wear.

Some women find the idea of wearing supportive wear a bit strange at first. But actually, counting back from push-up bras to full body corsets, women have been wearing supportive clothing for centuries to accentuate their form and increase their attractiveness.

Carrying an air of confidence

We’ve found that ladies who wear shapewear carry themselves completely differently; with an air of confidence. They feel younger, sexier and more feminine. And the way we feel inwardly about ourselves makes a world of difference in the way people perceive us from the outside.

So don’t fight your size, flaunt it. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good and you’re more likely to enjoy clothes again. So, play to your strengths and have fun showing off those big beautiful curves. And remember, bigger can also mean better!


Vida Moda | Quality Plus Size Clothing For Women With Curves

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