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19 November 2013

The beauty of scarves and wraps is that we can never have too many. For each one of our moods we can have a matching scarf to suit: texture scarves, pattern scarves and colour scarves. At Vida Moda, we always have a selection of great looking scarves that can suit your every fancy. Also, it's finally the right season to check out our collection of wraps and shawls.

The holy trinity of scarves

There are three key components to a great scarf: colour, texture and pattern. Any one of these components by themselves is usually enough to pull off an excellent look. A scarf with an interesting pattern, or an expressive texture, or a strong colour can give your outfit that little extra boost to transform ordinary into extraordinary. However, it's important to avoid combining too many of these traits into a single scarf as it can look overpowering.


When it comes to making a statement with colour, think contrast. Bold colours like azure blue, or ruby red are likely to stand out from the rest of your outfit. Whereas black, white or brown are more neutral and therefore blend into the background. Of course, it depends on what you are wearing. You even combine colours for extra noise with a rainbow or patchwork coloured scarf. This is fine provided you allow this to be your expressive piece and play it down with the rest of your ensemble.


When it comes to texture, think intricacy and touch. Does the scarf have a beautifully intricate knit, a fluffy loose weave, or is it interwoven with a rough textured fabric that gives it a cool grunge look? Texture is a lovely area to play with, especially if you’ve been endowed with the ability to knit your own. Try going down to a yarn store and get inspired by some really interesting yarns, then find that craft-loving friend and get her to make one for you, or even better, take a class and get tucked in yourself.


When deciding on a pattern, try and aim for something elegant and interesting. Anything gimmicky like piano keys or smiley faces is a big no no! Personally, I like delicate eastern patterns that show both intricacy and craftsmanship, with the exotic quality that elevates the scarf out of the everyday. An interesting pattern can take you far, but it's important not to overdo it with loud colours and crazy texture at the same time.

Choose wisely

A good rule of thumb is to stick with one of these features and tone down the rest. For example, an intricate pattern with neutral texture and neutral colours is quite elegant. Even a super expressive texture like a feather boa can be pulled off quite elegantly in a simple white or black on a monochrome background, while also being a bit racy and expressive.

Having one of these features accentuated is quite tasteful and elegant. Having two expressive features, say an intricate pattern and in bright colours becomes quite loud and starts to make a statement. Having all three accentuated at once is just over the top, and working a bit to hard for attention.


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