Baby, it's cold outside!

12 November 2013

Summer is quickly becoming a distant memory and with a cold winter shaping up on the horizon, it’s time for every fabulous fashionista to start taking measures to ensure that she keeps looking hot while the weather cools down. So here are a few hot tips for staying beautiful this winter.

Don't forget your water

We all know that drinking your 8 cups of water per day is important for health. It helps the body to function properly, control calories and keeps your skin looking fresh and beautiful. While it is easy to remember to stay hydrated during those summer heat waves, once there is a nip in the air it's much more tempting to tuck into warm and comforting cuppas.

Drinking enough water is especially important during the colder months, as the central heating starts to dry out our skin, and sugary foods become infinitely more tempting. Adequate amounts of water will help to keep you hydrated; flushing toxins out of the skin to keep you looking great. Not up for a tall cool glass? Try hot water with lemon, or green tea with a drop of honey instead of sugar – this can be very uplifting!

Lip balm is your best friend

Never leave home without a good lip balm defending your corner. Whether you choose a timeless classic like Vaseline or a fanciful luxury brand, never be caught without it. The trick is to apply little and often! I like to have at least two on the go – one for the makeup bag, and one to keep in the handbag. Indoor heating, cold weather and blustery winds can all take their toll on your pout, and nothing puts a damper on a good smile like dry cracked lips.

Don't wait, exfoliate!

Winter usually means woolly tights, and wrapping up in lots of layers to keep warm - but who doesn’t love a few extra layers of winter chic like our Leopard Print Wrap by Pia Rossini to throw around? Though this season can be good for fashion, it can be awful for dry, flaky skin.

An easy way to combat the dreaded flakes is to make exfoliating a part of your weekly beauty regimen. Exfoliation allows you to remove old dead skin cells and maintain your skin's natural healthy complexion. There are three simple steps to follow:

1) Use a good body scrub and an exfoliating mitt to slough away any old dry skin from your body, paying special attention to knees and elbows.

2) Make sure you rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving any residue on your soft new skin.

3) Slap on plenty of rich body lotion to lock in that precious moisture.

Always use a product that is fit for the purpose and apply gently using a damp flannel or the tip of your finger. Pay attention to the areas around your nose and chin (key areas for producing grease, grime and blemishes), but steer clear of the sensitive skin around your eyes. Remember to rinse thoroughly and apply moisturiser afterwards.

Care for your hair

Winter can wreak havoc on even the best kept head of hair, so make sure that you treat yours with extra care during the colder months. Try a weekly deep conditioning treatment to banish frizz and static and keep your locks looking luscious. Colder weather can also mean less humidity; this can dry out your scalp and cause itching, or even worse, flaking. If that’s the case, sometimes just switching shampoos to a more hydrating formula, or a specialised dandruff shampoo can make all the difference. Snow is beautiful, but not on the shoulders please!

Embrace the new season

How about embracing the new season with a whole new seasonal look. This can be as simple as altering the way you wear your hair or even your makeup. Perhaps a feisty new red or chocolate shade nail polish or lipstick, or something more drastic like a new dark, rich hair colour to match the autumn leaves. Not ready to embrace the pale skin look? Go for a natural looking bronzer to retain some of that summer colour (just don’t go too far – orange is good for the skin but not a good skin colour).

Think seasonal. Autumn and winter are the perfect time to try out that big smokey eyes look, or treat yourself to a tinted lip gloss or stain in a warming berry shade. Put a positive spin on the weather and embrace the new season. Experiment and have fun!

It's all about the layers

Let's not forget the biggest perk of the colder weather: treating yourself to some fabulous new wardrobe additions so you can wrap up in style. First of all, a stunning coat is a must, and if your old trusty coat is looking… well, a bit old, our super chic cashmere coats are on bargain right now with a massive 30% discount. Our classy ladies black polo neck top is also a great winter staple: it can be mixed and matched with a host of great looks to get you through the season.

So resist the temptation to hibernate until the spring. Instead, take action against the cold and stay chic through the chilly winter months.


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