December 04, 2014


Baby it's cold outside!

04 December 2014

Joanna's editors choice of items at Vida Moda for Winter and Christmas


Well the freaky warm weather appears to have passed now and it feels quite a few degrees cooler already. I don't know what the winter precast is, but surely it must get colder - or it wouldn't be winter. True to form I expect those of you who live further North will definitely have the more extreme dips in temperature and conditions.

Winter Wollies!

With this in mind, I have to say that I am especially pleased with our selections of Winter Woollies this year. When growing up and working in the family business, I was always most excited by the arrival of the winter stock. I just love the woolly fabrics and the warm Autumn/Winter shades.

I think this year we've selected some especially lovely knitwear in gorgeous shades and sumptuous textures. Check out our new brand Zele - fabulous mixture of quality fabrics and textures in stunning colours.

Shape Flattering Knitwear

I've also concentrated on shape flattering items such as blocks of print insets to blur the silhouette as well as soft stretchy fabrics - cos no matter what our intentions we do tend to overdo the Canapés and Turkey dinners. What is worse than wearing tight uncomfortable clothes as we sit in front of the TV grazing on Quality Street?

Our ranges this year include a selection of heavy weight and light weight garments to bear in mind that indoor wear for work or get togethers doesn't need to be bulky to be warm, whereas outdoor wear for travelling and for those in colder climates you need that extra insulation. I hope we've got something for everyone or at least most tastes.

Fabulous Faux Fur

Speaking of outdoor wear, we have the ever popular faux fur selections by Helen Moore back again. They are really excellent quality and worth investment for your wardrobe. Boot toppers and cuffs can rejuvenate and up style older garments and boots and look very stylish. The hats are so elegant and all fleece lined for extra warmth.

Don't forget the faux fur range make original and well appreciated Christmas gifts - as most of my friends and family will confirm! Especially the Faux Fur Honey Slipper Boots - back by popular demand. Also we have stocked up again with the fantastic Pia Rossini range of Wraps, Scarves and Hats - so popular and excellent value for money.

Christmas Gifts

Speaking of Christmas gifts, we have a fabulous new range of leather Hadaki Slouchy Shoulder Bags - 4 fabulous seasonal shades to choose from, all with funky patterned linings and they all come with a matching scarf. What woman doesn't like to receive a quality leather handbag as a gift? For those who love their Gadgets we have really fun, feminine funky Mobile Phone cases and Tablet Sleeves also by Hadaki available in 3 unique designs that will make perfect gifts.

Christmas Glamour and Sparkle

Let's not forget the glamour and sparkle of the Christmas season. This is the time of year for special gatherings with friends and families, sharing a feast and of course the Work Party. We all want to look and feel our best, so with this in mind our outfits are of the utmost importance. We have several items that we hope will appeal to all tastes for the Festive season. Classic feminine styles from Saskia; sparkle and glamour from Signature; chic styling from Ciso; subtle style from Eden Rock and many more ranges for you to choose from.

FREE Uk Delivery!

Remember all our prices include P&P in the UK and orders are dispatched within 24 hours!


Vida Moda

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October 03, 2014


NEW BRAND: Introducing Hadaki Bags and Accessories to Vida Moda

03 October 2014

We don’t want to write summer off just yet, but the new nip in the air suggests that autumn is definitely around the corner. That means wrapping up in a few extra layers and perhaps even getting your beloved winter coat out of hibernation. One sure fire way to give an old coat a new lease of life, is dressing it up with a brand new handbag. Or, if you’re not quite ready to give in to trenches and duffle coats, you can at least use a stylish slouchy bag in an autumnal colour way to make sure you’ve always got a cosy cardigan to hand.

Looking for a new season handbag?

Hadaki Slouchy Hobo Shoulder Bag in Brown at Vida Moda


If you’re looking for a new season new handbag, then allow us to introduce you to our new designer. Hadaki is an American brand hailing from New Orleans. Their approach to design is a combination of bold and colourful meets functional ideas to make life easier. The brand is all about affordable luxury, with all Hadaki products featuring top quality materials and the finest workmanship.

Manufacturing that's kind to the environment

The label prides itself on being kind to the environment too - all of Hadaki’s products are eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals, so you can be confident you’re making an ethical style statement as well as a trend setting one! Hadaki bags are low maintenance too, featuring water resistant and wipe clean fabrics and finishes – always handy when doing battle with the unpredictable British weather!

The Slouchy Hobo Shoulder Bag

We love their hobo style slouchy bags. The hobo bag is a design classic in itself, its soft gathered shape makes it not only practical as a perfect choice to cart around everything your day requires, but also incredibly versatile – it works as a casual day bag and equally well as a work bag for the office too. A stylish slouchy shoulder bag is perfect in the colder weather too as there’s plenty of room to keep gloves, scarves and an umbrella to hand!

4 choices of Hadaki Slouchy Hobo Shoulder Bag

Hadaki have designed their version in gorgeously soft leather in beautiful colours that are perfect for autumn. A top tip for extra style in the colder months is to choose a dark or neutral coloured coat and accessorise with a bag, hat, scarf and gloves in a matching brighter shade. Rich mustards, pillar box reds or jewel tones such as royal blue and emerald green work brilliantly. Opt for a generous sized hobo bag and you’ll have plenty of room for all of your daily essentials like your purse, make up bag keys and phone too.

Hadaki iPhone Cases and iPad Sleeves

Hadaki iPad Sleeve in Zigzag at Vida Moda


Speaking of phones, we know all too well how important it is to have yours to hand at all times and so do Hadaki! They also know the perils of leaving it loose in your bag, open to dents and scratches, so as well as gorgeous bags, this modern brand have designed some fantastic matching iPhone cases and iPad sleeves too which mean that all of you tech savvy as well as style savvy shoppers can keep those precious devices safe in a fashionable way.

The only question, is which one will you opt for?


Vida Moda

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September 13, 2014


Are plus size models a good idea?

13 September 2014

Would you buy clothing shown photographed on a plus size model? We asked this question on our Facebook page recently and all our respondents said that yes they would. On one hand this was obviously great news for us to hear because as a specifically plus size retailer, we have thus far only ever used gorgeous size 16 and 18 models for our shoots. Incidentally only one of the respondents had previously purchased from us. Is it a question of say one thing and do another? It is a controversial question.

Catering properly for plus size women

Many high-end designers and high street chains alike have been scolded for not catering to plus size women, or for not representing the fuller figure in their marketing strategies. We’ve been critical ourselves of the lack of plus size models in mainstream fashion presentation. However, there has been much debate lately as to whether plus size women actually believe in what they say when appealing to designers to show their collections as worn on ‘real women’ (as opposed to the very slender models generally used by most commercial retailers.)

Studies on effect on sales figures when using Plus Size models

In fact, studies have been conducted by some brands where women have been shown the same garments photographed on a size 8 model and on a plus size model, and the styles shown on the slimmer model always seem to come out on top.

Industry led or plus size consumer led?

Of course it’s no secret that the fashion industry is very visually motivated, and perhaps the glossy magazines full of airbrushed size 8 models are in part to blame, but is there a chance that plus size women need to address their own misconceptions too?

Psychology of body shape and it's affect on shopping habits

One school of thought is that we, as plus size women are lead to believe that our bodies are temporary. That we’re just one ‘magic’ diet away from dropping two dress sizes, so why splash out on expensive designer or tailored plus size clothing from premium designer brands that hopefully won’t fit in a month or two anyway? Why not just hide your figure for now under ill fitting, shapeless expendable pieces for a fraction of the price?

Do women buy for the the woman they are or they woman they's like to be?

But there is another question to consider, other stores state that plus size women are more likely to buy clothes shown on size 10 and size 8 models. It is a view we will need to test from a business perspective ourselves. My theory is that maybe women like to buy clothes for the woman they’d like to be as opposed to the woman they are, perhaps it’s a subconscious decision. People often talk about “retail therapy”, as well as being about shopping pleasure is it also about affirming our vision of how we’d like to be or perhaps the lifestyle we’d like to have? We don’t know for sure, our own mini survey suggests that our readers are happy to buy clothing shown on a plus size model but the survey sample was much too small to be a significant indicator.

Our experience of women's view of clothes sizes

At Vida Moda, we aim to provide stylish solutions for beautiful plus size women who are confident and happy with their bodies. It is easy to say women should be happy with their body shape but the reality is that many of us aren’t and that undoubtedly affects our purchasing habits. I know plenty of women who associate themselves with a size, usually a 12 or a 14 and actually they are a 16. Of course this is a generalisation and not everyone has this view but it may be more common than we'd assume. A lot of women buy clothing that is a size too small just so they can say “this is a size X” or “I can fit into a size X”. Unfortunately when you wear clothes that are a size too small they just make you look bigger so their desire to wear a smaller dress size often backfires.

The importance of clothes that fit

I know lots of women who know their own style and they know that well designed, well fitting pieces are certainly worth their designer price tags. We’re proud to supply fashion conscious women with modern, on trend styles designed specifically with a fuller figure in mind. Quality designer clothing that fits like a dream, accentuating and flattering your figure rather than covering and disguising it with elasticated skirts and drawstring waistbands that ‘will do for now’.

Investing in good clothing is worthwhile

We believe that designer clothes are an investment, which is why we work so hard to source stylish plus size versions of style essentials that will last a lifetime and always be in fashion. By spending your money on fewer, well chosen, beautifully designed pieces, you will always look more stylish than in an outfit made of cheaper ‘make do’ styles.

Vida Modo's future use of models

So it’s safe to say, that while we won’t be advertising for size 8 models any time soon it is likely that we will do a trial of having size 12 models to see if it makes a difference to sales. It is worth pointing out that when I started Vida Moda I did a survey of what size models that other plus size retailers used. None I could see at the time used more than a size 12 or 14 and even then not across their entire range and these are very popular and well known brand names. Until now we have never used any ladies who are less than a size 16. I wish to continue to show you our new additions the way they are meant to be worn – by confident, beautiful, full figured women but we may need to adjust slightly.

This is a really important topi, so thanks for reading down to here! I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the issue – please do leave a comment here and I’ll respond to everyone.


Vida Moda

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August 24, 2014


Sizzle in Style with our Summer Sale

14 August 2014

Our sizzling summer sale is in full swing at Vida Moda, so if you haven’t checked it out yet why not grab a cuppa and have a look now? Unlike most online retailers, we don’t believe in lengthy sales, once the bargains are gone, they’re gone – so that we can get back to work on sourcing you the very best in new season luxury plus size style! That said we know our customers love a bargain as much as we do, so let’s consider the benefits of shopping the summer sale!

Luxury style at half the price:

Q'neel Yellow Party Dress on sale at Vida Moda


If you’ve had your eye on a stunning new party frock but haven’t had the budget for frivolous spending, now is definitely the time to treat yourself. With many of our plus size dresses slashed to half of their original price, you can grab a slice of big style for a much smaller price tag than usual.
Our gorgeous Q’neel party dress is now just £54.99, and absolute steal for this on trend panelled style. It’s so flattering and versatile, this stretch fabric dress will be invaluable as we approach party season!
Summer sales are a great time to replace your favourite staples at a fraction of the cost too – if your best black blouse is looking a little tired for example, hunt down a replacement in the sale to instantly refresh your existing wardrobe.

Last minute Getaway, Last Minute Style!

Eden Rock White Linen Gypsy Skirt on sale at Vida Moda


More and more of us are opting for last minute deals when it comes to getting away for a spot of summer sun – perhaps because life is just so busy, maybe because work is keeping your hands full so that you need to be flexible and grab a break when you can! Whatever the reason, jetting off on a last minute holiday is undoubtedly wonderful, but a lack of time to plan can also create fashion dilemmas! If you need some holiday style fast, turn to the summer sale.
Nothing quite says beach style like white linen – and whether you prefer white linen trousers or the boho chic of a tiered plus size gypsy skirt, there are last minute bargains to be had that are perfect summer holiday staples. Both are timelessly classic pieces too, so snapping them up in the sale is a very worthwhile investment as they’ll look equally fabulous next summer and beyond too!

Get ahead of the game:

Vetono Red Tunic on sale at Vida Moda


While the sun may be shining, and be set to do so for a few more weeks yet, a style savvy woman knows that you always need to be thinking ahead. Autumn styles will be centre of attention before we know it, so it certainly makes sense to take advantage of sale price tags to start adding some new key pieces to your look. Our red tunic by Vetono and our orange shirt by Eden Rock both look fabulous as summer styles, but when teamed with jeans or dark skirts rather than summery linens, they will work equally well as part of your autumn wardrobe. And at just £39.99 and £42.99 respectively – you can start building your new season style without breaking the bank!

What’s your favourite thing about summer sales?


Vida Moda

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August 06, 2014


Top 5 Bags for Summer Style

06 August 2014

Here at Vida Moda, we’re great believers that a great looking handbag can complete a look just as much as the right shoes! And as luck would have it, we have one of the best ranges of ladies bags around – so if you love the glamour of designer handbags but aren’t so keen on the designer price tags, keep reading for five of our favourite summer bag styles:

Nice and Nautical

Seville Suo Coloured Tote


Year in, year out the nautical trend is in style, and it’s not hard to see why. Crisp whites and red and blues are effortlessly stylish, incredibly versatile and suit just about everyone. So obviously, you’re going to need a nautical style handbag to finish off those on trend looks. Our Seville Duo Coloured Tote fits the bill beautifully with its timeless navy and white combination. It’s fully lined with a sipper top to keep everything secure, so it’s the perfect choice as a chic day bag, or even a more stylish alternative to the usual beach bags on offer.


Satchel Style Chic

Satchel Bags are big style news this year, already they’ve been spotted on catwalks all over the world and are the shoulder bags of choice for many a celebrity. Large Handbags have become increasingly popular in recent years – and the traditional satchel style is one of the best. It’s functional whilst being incredibly chic and versatile. It’s a perfect day to day bag for busy mums, but works equally well as a work handbag – it’s roomy and practical and simply looks great. If you’re looking for a designer style handbag that doesn’t cost the earth, our gorgeous faux leather satchel bags in five fantastic colours could be the perfect choice.

Mediterranean Style

Estepona Basket Woven Style Tote


Tote bags are perfect for holidays and travelling. Simple, stylish and practical, you can take them to the beach or when you are out sight seeing. They won't look out of place when you are eating out in the evening. They have plenty of space without being bulky, our Estepona Woven Basket Style Tote is a wonderful bag if you are looking for an all purpose tote this summer.


Terrific Turquoise

Nothing says summer quite like a pop of bold colour and our Chiquitta Bag in turquoise is a fantastic summer evening bag. Perfect to take on holiday for all those lovely evenings out where you’ll want to step out in style with enough room for your lipstick and room key!

Show Your Stripes

Much like the nautical trend, stripes are a style statement that’s always in fashion. Our Abruzzo Bag embraces the style of stripes and mixes it up with summer style for a gorgeous bag that’s happy teamed up with casual outfits, but can be dressed up in the evening too. It has a woven effect with plenty of vibrant summer colour and two useful pockets to stash your sunglasses and keys!

What’s your favourite style of bag for summer?




Vida Moda

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June 22, 2014


The Summer Tops Your Wardrobe Really Needs

22 June 2014

When the weather starts improving, many of us start thinking about switching our winter wardrobes for our summer styles - summer dresses, linen trousers, vest tops and the like. But before you start making sure your pedicure is up to scratch for those open toe sandals, it’s worth making time to take stock of your summer wardrobe and be sure you’ve got all the bases covered. (And perhaps squeeze in a new season shopping spree to bridge any gaps!) Today, we’re looking at the summer tops that should be in your wardrobe this season:

Summer Basics

When it comes to essential summer wear, you really can’t go far wrong with a good selection of quality vest tops in neutral shades. Even just making sure you have a navy or black plus white or another light shade will open up plenty of possibilities. A white vest top is perfect to layer under light sweaters or cardigans on those ‘in between days’, and worn simply with a statement necklace and cropped jeans they’ll look effortlessly chic on a hot summer day too. As with anything, it’s worth buying the best quality you can, but it’s especially true of vest tops. Look for a high cotton content along with elastane to ensure good looks and a great fit wash after wash.

Summer Holidays

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off on holiday this year, you’ll probably be looking for a few new holiday outfits to squeeze in your case along with this year’s top summer reads.


Ideally, you should look for a mixture of simple daytime styles and a few more elegant pieces to wear out in the evening. Or, how about one piece that does both? Embrace the colours of summer with a bold bahama print blouse that will look fabulous for going out to dinner and equally good worn open over your bikini on the beach the next day!

Summer Work Wear

Dressing for the office in the height of summer can be a headache – finding an outfit that keeps you cool and comfortable, while still being smart and professional is a fine line, but is achievable. Look at summer blouses in vibrant, zesty shades such as lime green or hot pink. Teamed with tailored linen trousers and simple accessories a well cut summer blouse looks stylish and well groomed.

Summer Nights

Whether it’s a night out on the town with the girls, drinks after work or dinner with your significant other, summer is the perfect time to be playful with fashion. A sun-kissed glow might give you the confidence to bare a little flesh in off the shoulder tops, or alternatively, why not dress up your staple black vest top with bold drop earrings and your strappiest stilettos?

Summer Weddings

When you have a wedding or any other more formal occasion to attend in the summer, you need something that’s elegant and stylish, but also fuss free if you’re going to be wearing it throughout a long, hot day. A well cut tunic is the ideal solution – and whether you opt for a vibrant pop of colour or a gorgeously summery floral print, wear it with a beaded necklace or some statement earrings for a summer wedding outfit that’s simple, chic and effortlessly wearable.

Does your style change in summer? Do you embrace colour more or get braver with the cuts and styles you choose? What summer looks are you most excited about this year


Vida Moda | Quality Plus Size Summer Clothing For Women With Curves

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June 10, 2014


Summer Trousers - Great Alternatives When It Is Too Hot For Jeans

10 June 2014

When fashion experts start talking about all things summer, more often than not they’re most concerned with summer dresses – the best maxi dress – the prettiest floral frock – the essential strappy shift and so on. That’s all well and good if dresses are your thing – but what about those of us who live our lives in fail safe, comfortable, go to jeans? If you’re dippy about denim and rely on your favourite jeans to do the school run, the supermarket shopping, nights out and everything in between, the thought of flimsy summer frocks can be daunting to say the least. Fear not though, there are plenty of great alternatives that are equally seasonal, so let’s take a look at summer alternatives to jeans – without a skirt or dress in sight – here’s our round up of the best summer trousers:

Capri Pants

Capri Pants are big news for this summer season, and they’re a perfect option for those of us who aren’t quite on board with shorts, but do like to show a little leg. Our blue cropped trousers are a great summer staple as they’ll lend themselves well to casual looks, as well as looking great dressed up with strappy sandals and a pretty top for the evening. Alternatively, our stretch cropped trousers in white or black give you plenty of scope to mix and match with all your favourite summer tops and create dozens of great new looks.


Here at Vida Moda, we love leggings. They are simple, chic, and incredibly versatile. Plus, an on trend three quarter length style is perfect for summer. Wear them with vest tops, long cardigans, summer blouses, tunic tops – the beauty of a classic pair of black leggings is that they really do go with everything!

Linen Trousers

Nothing says summer quite like a gorgeous pair of light, airy linen trousers. On a sunny day, opt for a cropped pair to keep extra cool when the temperature gets hot. Chocolate brown cropped linen trousers are a fantastic summer staple – they look great with a stylish colour block tunic top, or women’s linen trousers are a perfect foundation to build up an ever stylish animal print inspired outfit.

White Trousers

If you’re used to living in dark colours, white trousers might sound like a crazy leap of faith, but actually – they lend themselves to all sorts of great summer looks! They can be dressed down with vest tops and flip flops during the day and our Gelco White Trousers have a gorgeous silky finish that makes them a perfect choice for a night out when teamed with your favourite evening top and a stylish clutch bag.

Wide Legged Trousers

Wide legged trousers not only look great, they’re a style classic that’s always on trend too. Some women wonder what to wear with wide leg trousers, often worried that the cut will make them look wider, but actually, the reverse is true. Wide legged trousers are very flattering, and can be teamed with either a slim fitting vest top to create contrast or a loose fit tunic top to build a perfect, floaty summer look.

Cropped Jeans

If you really can’t bear to ditch your jeans, why not invest in an alternative summer version? Cropped jeans are a much cooler alternative in summer months, and they’re just as versatile and stylish as your long legged version! To really embrace a more summery style, look at coloured denim for a fresh new take on the style staple. Coral pink crop jeans are a fantastic summer buy – the colour is bang on trend and much more versatile than you might think. It’ll work with classic bright whites, but will also look great with navy, patterned tunics, animal prints and much more – experiment and see what works for you! With the huge range of summer trousers women have to choose from, have we convinced you to give your jeans a summer holiday? Which styles of trousers are you tempted to try as an alternative?


Vida Moda | Quality Plus Size Clothing For Women With Curves

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May 30, 2014


Fashion for the great outdoors

by Joanna Davis

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about summer clothing, particularly with a view to holidays abroad. However, you don’t have to leave the country to get a dose of summer fun. The great outdoors awaits and different activities call for fun and varied fashions.


Festivals are a great way to hear live music and comedy, have fun and escape for a few days. Packing lightly is a must because camp sites can be quite a walk from parking spaces and no one wants to drag a huge, heavy bag through the mud! One pair of neutral trousers can last a whole weekend – light fabrics like linen are ideal, teamed with colourful tops like our Chianti Summer Burst Wrap Top. You can also use statement jewellery and patterned scarves to accessorise a simple outfit without taking up too much packing space. Pop a pair of leggings into your bag as a back-up or to layer under loose trousers on a cold night. Festival weather is famously unpredictable so make sure to bring boots and a raincoat, too.

Camping trips

If you’re not into music, or simply aren’t a fan of the large crowds at festivals, camping trips are a great way to spend time with family and friends. Whether you want an idyllic forest retreat or a luxury campsite with lots of facilities, you can use a service like CoolCamping to search for a destination - you may well find the ideal campsite is closer than you think! When it comes to camping clothing, you are likely to be outside all day, so comfort is of the utmost importance. Our Maxi White Linen Skirt is light and cool, and the unrestrictive shape makes it just as practical as a pair of trousers and creates an elegant silhouette when paired with a simple top. Our Gelco Shades of Blue Skirt is another versatile item which looks great with white accessories. A pair of full-length trousers can be useful in the evenings when you want to sit around the campfire without getting mosquito bites.


Even those of us with packed schedules can grab a few hours of sunshine and fresh air with a picnic in the countryside or at a local park. A sunny weekend trip is a great excuse to wear a pretty, flowing dress like our Pastel Summer Dress. You can pack your lunch in our Estepona Striped Woven Basket Style Tote - an alternative but highly practical picnic basket which also makes a great beach bag. Trips to the seaside, of course, call for nautical wear, and our Chianti Aqua Striped Dress might just be the perfect choice. Don't forget to pop a pair of flip-flops in your bag if you fancy paddling in the ocean!

As always, remember to wear plenty of sun cream. Hats or light summer scarves can provide some cover from the sun, and it’s always a good idea to have a jacket on hand as we know summer weather can be unpredictable!


Vida Moda | Quality Plus Size Clothing for Women with Curves

May 20, 2014


Clothes for travelling in comfort and style

by Joanna Davis

Summer is just a few months away, and according to EasyJet Magazine (page 90) most of us have had our holidays booked since last year. Even if you’re still deciding where to go, why not take some time to plan your first holiday outfit now and avoid the stress of frantic shopping and packing at the last-minute?


Air travel in particular can be uncomfortable and typically involves some waiting around. A few style tips can really make an impact on your comfort, both at the airport and on board the flight. Simplicity is the key to making your entire journey go smoothly.

Dresses might not seem like an obvious choice of travel wear, but they are in fact very versatile. Our Emreco Navy and White Nautical Print Sleeveless Dress is made out of stretchy fabric, so you’ll be able to move around easily and won’t feel constrained in your seat. And, of course, you’ll still look fabulous when you arrive at your destination.

When choosing a dress or indeed any travel clothing, go for something without metal buckles or straps, as these can cause delays at security. A simple design also prevents discomfort when sitting in enclosed spaces. Consider wearing socks or tights too, as most airport security checks now include scanning shoes and walking through the terminal barefoot isn’t always a pleasant experience! On that note, try to wear shoes that slip on and off to cut down on time at security.

Outfits for your holiday destination

If your destination has a milder climate, a long-sleeved dress or tunic creates an elegant silhouette paired with leggings or loose trousers. Our Black Fishtail Tunic adds a touch of style to a comfortable outfit and allows you to cover up in bad weather.

Whatever the forecast for your destination, layering is a good bet, particularly when travelling by air, as the cabin often gets chilly. A simple pullover, like our Blue Knitted Cardigan, is useful to have on hand and can also serve as a makeshift pillow if you’re planning to sleep en route. Go for something neutral, which can be worn with many different outfits over the course of your holiday, as this will free up space in your hold luggage.

A scarf or pashmina is another handy item to have both when travelling and abroad. Our Pia Rossini Jonas Zebra Print Scarf is a wonderful statement summer piece, which can be paired with an evening dress or thrown around your shoulders as temporary protection when you land, before you have a chance to put on some sun cream.

What to keep in mind

So to recap, key things to keep in mind when dressing to travel:

  • Comfort: look for light, loose or stretchy fabrics that won’t constrict your movements or make you uncomfortable.
  • Layering: the climate can vary greatly between locations, so be prepared with an extra layer or two if the weather at your destination is changeable.
  • Simplicity: Avoid unnecessary buckles or accessories as these can cause discomfort when sitting and might hold you back at security.
  • Style: a neutral outfit with one statement piece is a classic look which can be adjusted to fit your needs.


Vida Moda | Quality Plus Size Clothing for Women with Curves

May 13, 2014


Five key items you will need this summer

17 May 2014

With warm weather approaching, it’s time to pack away our jumpers and bring out the t-shirts and shorts. Luckily, the change in seasons doesn’t have to mean an entire wardrobe overhaul. A few key pieces can be styled differently to last all the way through the summer.

Linen trousers

Linen trousers are a summer classic, thanks to the versatility of the fabric. Both flattering and comfortable, trousers with a fully elasticated or drawstring waistband are ideal for lounging by the pool. Our Silver Linen Trousers are ideal for branching out from the classic black or white look, but still compliment many other colours due to the neutral shade. Alternatively, you can create a smarter look with cropped trousers like our Q’neel Blue Stretch Crop Trousers, which are more fitted than the linen trousers but just as comfortable.

The stunning sundress

Summer is high time for parties and gatherings, and a stunning sundress is a must-have. Patterned dresses like our Chianti Jungle Print Dress make great statement pieces, and can be teamed with neutral shoes and accessories. Simple, single-colour dresses, such as our Vetono Green Crinkle Sleeveless Dress, create elegant silhouettes and a few small changes, such as swapping a light cardigan for a patterned scarf, can transform the look from day to evening wear.

A t-shirt or two

Chances are, you already have a t-shirt or two in your wardrobe, and for good reason: a simple top is one of the most versatile summer items. By alternating combinations of accessories, skirts, and trousers, a simple top can be worn again and again and look new and exciting every time. T-shirts are available in almost every colour you could wish for, but black and white are a good pair to start with, as they are classic colours which can be worn with anything. Black is also slimming, and white is naturally cooling on hot days. Our Ivory Lace Blouse with lace detailing adds some elegance to a simple look. Different cuts suit different body types, so try a V-neck, scoop neck and sleeveless top to find out which flatters you best.

Tunics are go

As I mentioned earlier, a patterned tunic with linen trousers is a winning combination. Our Que Smock Tunic can be paired with a maxi skirt, or jeans on cooler days. Longer tunics can also be worn alone or with tights on formal occasions. And the tunic is not just a summer item: long-sleeved tunics can be layered over shirts or vests as it gets colder.

A light pullover

Whilst we’re certainly hoping the sun will shine all summer long, a light pullover is useful to have on hand for cooler days or evening barbecues. Our Vetono Red Stripe Box Pullover has a simple cut which suits any body type, and will allow you to cover up without sacrificing your summer style.


Vida Moda | Quality Plus Size Clothing For Women With Curves

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